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Hanyang Startup Lounge is an open platform of portal type where you can easily find and share information about all startups
through startup support education, related programs, and mentor-mentee connection, etc.

  • Hanyang University Center for Global Entrepreneurship was established in July 2009 for the first time in Korean university to cultivate sound entrepreneurship to students and entrepreneurs of early startups and foster ‘prepared technical startup entrepreneurs’, by teaching the live on-site experiences and practical wisdom of entrepreneurs.
    To continue this initial mindset, our center built Hanyang Startup Lounge where you can have cooperation networks with startup founders and professional mentors. We will work hard not only to provide a place of useful information and communication but also create a system that can enable continuous and organized management, to many of you who are dreaming of successful startups.
    We hope that you build active information exchange and cooperation networks with prospective startup founders, alumni entrepreneurs, and experts in each field through the startup lounge. We would appreciate your continued interest and support from now on.
    Thank you very much.

  • Director of Startup Support Foundation
    Director of the Center for Global Entrepreneurship
    Director of the Center for Business Incubation
    Dean of the Department of Entrepreneurship


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