In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of Hanyang University, The global entrepreneurship center has been established based on the initiative of the alumni entrepreneurs and government support.
With it’s goals in fostering prospective entrepreneurs · general entrepreneurs as well as the student entrepreneurs to become world class entrepreneurs.

Continuous succession and development of founding principles and practical scholasticism of Hanyang University that has been a hub of national development by cultivating practical talent resources.

Vision & Mission

  1. 1. Best academia-industry infrastructure
  2. 2. Global entrepreneurship support centers (Silicon Valley, New York and Shanghai)
  3. 3. Ample business network (280,000 alumni)
  4. 4. Superior academia-industry cooperation expertise
  5. 5. Hanyang angel fund / Hanyang youth startup fundZ

Major Business

  • Education
    Lectures focusing on practice rather than simply delivering knowledge
    ㆍRegular courses on start-up
    ㆍIntroducing major in entrepreneurship(2015)
    ㆍTechno-Management (Essential tech- major startup courses)
    ㆍHanyang Start-up Academy, Hanyang Tech Ventures, Venture Business CEO Academy
  • Training
    Instill students’ startup drive and cultivate their competence by running a practical education and training program that students participate in directly
    ㆍStart-up competitions (scthool, national)
    ㆍEntrepreneurship camp (twice yearly)
    ㆍStart-up festival
    ㆍ3D printing education, idea realization and business development support
    ㆍStartup Festival, Company visits ,etc.
  • Networking
    Teach the alumni’s knowledge and practical wisdom through regular mentoring with successful entrepreneurs and the experts of each industry
    ㆍEntrepreneur Forums (every quarter, place of startup information sharing)
    ㆍMentoring Café (mentor roundtable by topic)
    ㆍAlumni-Students Mentorship Program, etc.
  • Incubating
    Provide startup preparation space and mentoring and comprehensive startup incubating to promising venture companies, startup clubs, student entrepreneurs, etc.
    ㆍIdentifying and nurturing promising start-ups
    ㆍRun Venturing Space Sponsored by Alumniv
    ㆍStartup clubs, student entrepreneur excavation
    ㆍExpansion of investment-linked infrastructure
  • Research & Cooperation
    ㆍResearch and development of practice program to spread entrepreneurship ㆍExchange and joint program with the entrepreneurship centers at home and abroad


  • 2009
    ㆍThe first national university entrepreneurship center
    ㆍEntrepreneurship training programs offered as undergraduate electives
    ㆍEntrepreneurs forum
  • 2010
    ㆍEntrepreneur camp
    ㆍYES reader contest co-sponsored entrepreneurship
  • 2011
    ㆍNational university students production technology commercialization contest 2012
  • 2012
    ㆍHanyang start-up academy
    ㆍIntegration of start-up incubator center organization
    ㆍSeoul campus CEO training project organizers selected
  • 2013
    ㆍSelect the global market-type supporting business start-up R & D BI partners
    ㆍThe general public, college co-founded the academy project selection
    ㆍGlobal entrepreneurship education programs selected
  • 2014
    ㆍSelecting entrepreneur business center in the university.
    ㆍLeaders in industry-university cooperation (LINC) development project selection
    ㆍSmart-creation business site selection
  • 2015
    ㆍOperate major in entrepreneurship
    ㆍEstablish entrepreneurship center in New York, Silicon Valley and Shanghai
    ㆍAwarded the best university of entrepreneurship education by the Minister of Education
  • 2016
    ㆍParticipate in ‘HANYANG STARTUPS’ panel at CES 2016


The organization of Center for Global Entrepreneurship acts as the control tower of venture · startup support and is consisted of the Head of Center, Vice-Head of Center, General Team Head, and staff members. It also has advisory committee, mentor group, and various small committees to run the center smoothly.


  • Address and Contact Information
    Center for Global Entrepreneurship
    HIT #504, 222 Wangsimni-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, 133-791, Korea
    Tel: +82-2-2220-2861cFax: +82-2220-2869   |   Email: startup@hanyang.ac.kr
  • Public Transportation
    Subway : Exit No.2 of Hanyang University Station, Subway Line No.2
    Blue Bus: 302, 410
    Green Bus: 2012(Cheongnyangri), 2013, 2014, 2222


Center for Global Entrepreneurship, HANYANG UNIVERSITY
HIT #504, 222 Wangsimni-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, 133-791, Korea
Tel: +82-2-2220-2861 Fax: +82-2220-2869 Email: startup@hanyang.ac.kr

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