Major in Entrepreneurship

  • ㆍIn this major, students complete an independent curriculum created through the convergence of startup curriculum and the existing school (department/major) as the second major, and become creative, talented individuals with challenge spirit and passion.
  • ㆍThis major educates the basic fundamentals, attitude, and capabilities that students must have as entrepreneurs, cultivates a creative entrepreneurship mindset, and provides an opportunity of practical startup experience.
Major Overview ㆍName of Major: Major in Entrepreneurship
ㆍDepartment: Center for Global Entrepreneurship (university-industry consortium)
ㆍConnected universities and departments: Select major subjects recommended by the Deans of each
ㆍDegree Awarded: Bachelor’s Degree in Venture Startup (2nd major)
ㆍCompleted Credits: Major requirements (21 credits), Major intensive (18 credits) / Awards the Bachelor’s in
   Venture Startup when a total of 39 credits are completed
ㆍHow to Complete and Procedure: Same as completing the 2nd major
How to Apply
and Procedure
ㆍHow to Apply: Choose ‘Apply for the Major’ on Hanyang University portal and submit the application form and
   personal statement to the Center for Global Entrepreneurship
ㆍApplication Period: May and November of every year
  1) Document screening (twice of the capacity)
  2) Interview (evaluates the major aptitude based on the submitted documents)


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