Entrepreneur Forum

Entrepreneur Forum is a place for sharing on-site management experiences and knowledge in which alumni entrepreneurs, professors, and prospective entrepreneurs participate together.

  • Purpose and Background
    ㆍStrengthen business capabilities through coaching and education on early startup entrepreneurs
    ㆍProvide the place of sharing exchange and knowledge to promote cooperation among companies
    ㆍArrange a meeting place for mentor activities and liaison between students and alumni companies
  • Event Overview
    ㆍDate : Every quarter (held 4 times a year)
    ㆍParticipants : KOSDAQ CEOs and startup Entrepreneur, executives and CEOs of medium-sized/large companies, prospective CEOs, experts of each field
    ㆍDetails : Topic lectures on the common issues of management on-site, discussions, mentoring hours, networks support, etc.

Startup Forum

Startup Forum is a place of exchange that supports the foothold for startups to jump up, by allowing students who completed ‘Hanyang Start-up Academy’ to share startup-related knowledge and form networks with each other.

  • Participants
    Students who completed Hanyang Start-up Academy and 100 student candidates of next term
  • Date
    4 times a year, every quarter
  • Place
    Hanyang University campus
  • Sponserd by
    Hanyang Start-up Academy Association


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