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How to Apply for Move-in

Location Hall 1 : B1~B2, Hanyang Institute of Technology (HIT), Hanyang University, 222 Wangshimni-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
Hall 2 : 8~9thfloors, Research Building, Hanyang University, 222 Wangshimni-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
Eligibility Prospective entrepreneurs or companies that have been 3 years or less since foundation
(can establish or change to a company within 6 months)
Move-in Period 1 year ~ 3 years
Evaluate business progress status every year after move-in and re-enter the contract
Move-in Fees Move-in Deposit – Monthly rental utilities×12 months in cash payment or purchase deposit insurance
Utilities – Collect actual expenses including electricity, water and sewage, internet, Secom use, etc.
Incubation Business Development Funds – Stock donation or cash payment
Application Process 1st Document Screening, 2nd Presentation Evaluation
[Preferences during Evaluation]
1. Companies of university technology transfer, companies that worked on the assignments of university-industry cooperation
2. Companies invested by domestic and overseas startup investment companies and accelerators, companies invested by the Angel Matching Funds of Small and Medium Business Administration
3. Award winners of various startup competitions, students who completed startup education, etc.
Period and Method
Application Period : When there are empty rooms
How to Apply : Email application (
Required documents : [designated forms] move-in application form, business plans, [free form] business-related materials, other documentary evidence
Counseling and
Phone 02-2220-1340~1 / Email
Download the move-in application form and check the website for details (

Move-in Benefits


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