Hanyang Angel Club

Hanyang Angel Club was founded in 2011 by alumni venture entrepreneurs who were former CEOs of successful startups. The clubs discovers beginning startups with creative technology and ideas that can generate high added value and supports the direct investment, close mentoring, and incubating of angel.

  • Purpose of Establishment
    ㆍDiscover and foster promising startup and venture companies with future growth potential founded by Hanyang    University alumni
    ㆍFacilitate the commercialization of excellent patent technology owned by Hanyang University
    ㆍArrange the place of information exchange between angel investors and companies, and support the connection to attract investment
  • Club Overview
    ㆍAngel Investment Club No.2 officially registered in the Korea Angel Investment Association, a corporate of Small and    Medium Business Administration (SMBA)
    ㆍDate Established November 29, 2011
    ㆍClub Presidents Changwan Ryu, Youngjun Choi (co-presidents)
    ㆍNumber of Members 54 (as of late September, 2014)
    -> Includes experts of related fields such as former and present Hanyang Venture Alumni president, KOSDAQ CEO,    VC (Venture Capitalist), patent attorneys, lawyers, accountants, etc.
  • Major Activities
    ㆍHolds regular IR (once every other months)
    ㆍExecute investment and attract joint investment of SMBA'S angel matching funds
  • Investment Process
    ㆍ2.6 billion KRW (1.51 billion KRW by Angel Club’s direct investment, 1.5 billion KRW by government matching)
    ※Details of Angel Club’s direct investment: 150 million KRW in 2012 (twice), 1.17 billion KRW in 2013 (7 investments), 250 million KRW in 2014 (twice), 360 million KRW in 2015 (once)

Invested Companies


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