Hanyang Youth Startup Fund

Hanyang Youth Startup Fund was established with a new concept to support the funds needed for startups and their growth, by discovering small and medium-sized companies that need growth funds as well as promising venture and small/medium-sized companies. It made a business agreement with Songhyun Investment, a venture capital, to foster youth entrepreneurs and activate investment.

  • Purpose of Establishment
    ㆍProvide the opportunities to attract youth startup fund investment for promising youth startups
    ㆍFoster promising companies through a stable funds support in long-term to youth startups that have early startup    technology but lack funds
    ㆍSupport a smooth circulation of funds in the company’s each growth stage such as establishment, growth, and exit
    ㆍProvide follow-up support for entrepreneurs participating in all startup education and programs hosted/sponsored by    Hanyang University
  • Funds Scale
    ㆍA total of 5 billion KRW or more
  • Support Information
    ㆍInvestment counseling session every month
    ㆍOverview of Investment counseling session
    - Place 504, HIT Building, Hanyang University (Seoul campus)
    - Eligibility CEOs of beginning startup companies who are the students and alumni of Hanyang University


Center for Global Entrepreneurship, HANYANG UNIVERSITY
HIT #504, 222 Wangsimni-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, 133-791, Korea
Tel: +82-2-2220-2861 Fax: +82-2220-2869 Email: startup@hanyang.ac.kr

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